Distributed Temperature Sensor

LiDar Application In DTS

distribution temperature sensing laser application

        Fiber optic sensors use light as the carrier of information and fiber optics as the medium for transmitting information. Compared with traditional temperature measurement methods, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement has the following advantages:

           ● No electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance
           ●  Passive real-time monitoring, sound insulation, explosion-proof
           ● Small size, lightweight, bendable
           ● High sensitivity, long service life
           ● Measuring distance, easy maintenance   

Principle Of DTS

      DTS uses the Raman effect to measure temperature. The optical laser pulse sent through the fiber causes some scattered light to be reflected on the transmitter side, where the information is analyzed on the Raman principle and the optical time domain reflection (OTDR) localization principle. As the laser pulse propagates through the fiber, several types of scattering are generated, among which the Raman is sensitive to temperature variations, the higher the temperature, the higher the intensity of the reflected light.

       The intensity of Raman scattering measures the temperature along the fiber. The Raman anti-Stokes signal changes its amplitude significantly with temperature; the Raman-Stokes signal is relatively stable.


       The temperature measurement system consists of a controller (laser source, pulse generator for OTDR or code generator for code correlation or modulator and HF mixer for OFDR, optical module, receiver, and microprocessor unit) and a quartz glass fiber that acts as a wire temperature sensor.

        Lumispot Tech's LiDar Series 1550nm DTS is a pulsed light source specifically designed for distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system applications based on the Raman scattering principle, with an internal MOPA structured optical path design, optimized design of multi-stage optical amplification, can achieve 3kw peak pulse power, low noise, and the purpose of the built-in high-speed narrow pulse electrical signal can be Up to 10ns pulse output, adjustable by software pulse width and repetition frequency, can be widely used in dry distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system, fiber optic component testing, LIDAR, pulsed fiber laser and other fields.

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